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Where Did They Come From?

Where Did They Come From Book by W. G. TUTTLE Thriller Book Suspense Book


ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 9781949637090

Sorrel, a Frenchman, writes horror novels. Recording what he sees in his mind’s eye onto paper comes naturally. But with unrelenting pressure to outdo his latest work, Sorrel becomes addicted to his current manuscript.
Despite his success, negative experiences in Sorrel’s life had darkened the lens of his mind’s eye. Blackened as if coated by hell’s infernal ashes. This did not prevent him from seeing through to the other side. It only changed how he saw it. And the need to take what he saw and materialize it on this side of the lens seemed reasonable to him.

How far will Sorrel go to materialize them? Acts carried out in real life with equally real consequences?

No writer would have the audacity to stage a scene to capture it on the page. Surely, Sorrel wouldn’t.
Or would he?

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