a short story

Survive by W. G. TUTTLE.jpg

The world in turmoil.

A city shut-down.

Dejected from not finding what he searched for, Ray stood on a sidewalk in New York City—alone. At least, he thought he was alone. Until he saw a woman across the street, staring at him.

Then, crazed, she ran toward him.

Ray knew she wanted to harm him. And he knew because he lived in a quarantined city, as was the rest of the world. The city that never sleeps now slept-in because no one left their homes. If they did, they risked their lives.

As Ray was, running for his life.

What was so important to bring Ray out into the barren city, when he should be shut-in?

Will he venture out again?

Will he SURVIVE?

Will the world SURVIVE?

Or will the cause of this pandemic, which preys on living things, replicates, and spreads, between all living things, across oceans, invisible to the naked eye, odorless, and silent, out-SURVIVE humanity?