A Fatal Thing

a short story

A Fatal Thing by W. G. TUTTLE.png

Doctor Park Gombya, a respected Molecular Virologist, had spent two weeks in Liberia, Africa, working with other scientists on another Ebola breakout in that area, and was now returning home. As his plane descended for landing at Entebbe International Airport, he looked out his passenger window. A brilliant light hovered over Uganda’s Capital City, Kampala, twenty-seven miles north of the airport. It wasn’t until he was on the ground that Doctor Gombya could make out what it was.
Earth, its creatures, and its inhabitants already produce lethal killers. No one understood that truth better than Doctor Gombya. The last thing the world needed was something else to contend with. Now, a more immediate danger had come to Earth, threatening everyone. The question of whether humans were alone in the universe wasn’t a question anymore.
An idea of how humanity could compete came to Doctor Gombya as if he had been called upon by some higher power. Usually, voluntary surrender comes out of saving one’s own life, while resulting in losing the war. However, in this case, the calling demanded it and surrendering might result in humans winning the war against their invaders.