Try To Sleep

a collection of short stories

Try To Sleep by W. G. TUTTLE.jpg

Don’t say you haven’t been warned. I dare you to read this compilation of short stories that will assault your imagination.

Where Did THEY Come From?, the horror stories Sorrel writes are presumably from his mind’s eye. But are they imagined—or real?

Standard Issue Spirits, everyone has a spirit, but is each one unique? Raimonds decides he is going to find the answer. How he goes about it will shock you.

Vacation’s End, the Keifers are a typical American family. Why do they then suddenly cut all ties and leave for a vacation?

A Fatal Thing, otherworldly beings invade Earth. Dr. Gombya takes matters into his own hands to save the world.

CUT-UP, it is Halloween. Rennis’ mask—is his sliced-up face. That’s not all he cuts up. Has he gone mad, or is there an insidious evil lurking to seduce him?

SURVIVE, an invisible, odorless, silent predator preys on living tissue, growing more powerful by the second, replicating and spreading on every continent of the globe. Under mandatory quarantine conditions, Ray ventures into the city for something his wife needs—twice. Will he SURVIVE? Will the world SURVIVE?

If you accept this dare, know that when you turn out the light and lay your head on the pillow for the night, these stories will haunt you.
So, go ahead . . .