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Scranton October 1894 by W. G. TUTTLE.jpg

Electricity came to Scranton, Pennsylvania.

Reading Railroad came to Scranton.

Irish immigrants came to Scranton.

Irish men, women, and children, who, in their skin sacks, brought their customs, traditions, and beliefs across the Atlantic to America.

Survive by W. G. TUTTLE.jpg

The world in turmoil.

A city shut-down.

Dejected from not finding what he searched for, Ray stood on a sidewalk in New York City—alone. At least, he thought he was alone. Until he saw a woman across the street, staring at him.

Then, crazed, she ran toward him.

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Try To Sleep by W. G. TUTTLE.jpg

Don’t say you haven’t been warned. I dare you to read this compilation of short stories that will assault your imagination.

If you accept this dare, know that when you turn out the light and lay your head on the pillow for the night, these stories will haunt you.
So, go ahead . . . TRY TO SLEEP.

Adamah by W. G. TUTTLE.jpg

Before man was the Serpent.

This is a firsthand account of Adam’s beginnings, as Adam told to the Serpent in the form of Lucifer, east of the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve’s banishment. Scribed by Lucifer in Mesopotamia, thousands of years after Adam’s death.

The Serpent witnessed them all.

Vacation's End by W. G. TUTTLE.png

Ramsey walked away from a good-paying job he liked and contacted his broker to sell all of their investments.
Blaire is not herself. She cries often. Little things set her off that normally would not.
Their kids, Alanie and Will, are prohibited from watching TV or listening to the radio.

What did they not want their children to see or hear?
Why the peculiar behavior?
Why drop everything to go on vacation?

Where Did They Come by W. G. TUTTLE.jpg

Pressure to outdo his last novel, Sorrel had become addicted to his work. Negative experiences in his life had darkened the lens of his mind’s eye—blackened as if coated by hell’s infernal ashes. Perhaps, this made it harder for him to see the stories coming through, but materializing those images in his imagination by bringing them to life seemed reasonable.
Just how far would he go? Having scenes acted out in a performance while he wrote? Carried out in real life with equally real consequences?

CUT-UP by W. G. TUTTLE.jpg

Rennis leaned on the cracked porcelain sink in the bathroom with bloody hands, staring at the black form in the mirror. His wife’s dead body lay on the floor of the narrow kitchenette. Where his kids had gotten to, he could not remember.

Bizarre visions and callings showed Rennis what he could become and a life without care, need, or fear. For what was there to fear when Rennis could be fear itself.

Had he gone mad?

Standard Issue Spirits by W. G. TUTTLE.jpg

A scientist, Raimonds asks the hard questions and isn’t afraid to try to find the answers. One in particular that has plagued him for a long time is whether the human soul or spirit, is unique in each person? 
To answer this question, Raimonds must become the first human being to ever see the soul or spirit at work within a living person and then make comparisons.

A Fatal Thing by W. G. TUTTLE.png

Doctor Park Gombya, a respected Molecular Virologist, had spent two weeks in Liberia, Africa, working with other scientists on another Ebola breakout in that area, and was now returning home. As his plane descended for landing at Entebbe International Airport, he looked out his passenger window. A brilliant light hovered over Uganda’s Capital City, Kampala, twenty-seven miles north of the airport.