Standard Issue Spirits

a short story

Standard Issue Spirits by W. G. TUTTLE.jpg

All is quiet around a secluded property in Skatre, Latvia where its reclusive owner, Raimonds, enjoys the view of the Baltic Sea in his leisure. Once a month, he ventures off the property to visit the nearby ports, ten in all: three hugging the coasts of the Baltic Sea and seven spread out along the southern half of the Gulf of Riga. For over a decade, he has never returned alone.

As a scientist, Raimonds asks the hard questions and isn’t afraid to try to find the answers. One in particular that has plagued him for a long time is whether the human soul, or spirit, is unique in each person?
To answer this question, Raimonds must become the first human being to ever see the soul or spirit at work within a living person and then make comparisons.

His findings will shock you to the point of questioning your own soul.