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SpaceX launches 60 internet satellites: Right out of the War For The Spheres

Excerpt from War For The Spheres https://www.wgtuttle.com/war-for-the-spheres

The process inside the twenty, one-inch balls bolstered the uplink’s power. With each miniature satellite configured like a twelve-paneled soccer ball with twelve pentagon patches sewn together, twelve uplink signals went out from each of the panels in all directions across space and didn’t stop until they located the other forty satellite balls.

In a game of connect the dots, one-by-one their golden lights radiated when the uplinks reached them, then blinked as the processing inside strengthened the already bolstered uplink signal.

A web of unseen communication became more complex as out of every panel of every satellite ball, seven hundred and twenty enhanced uplink signals in total reached out and connected to every Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) in space. The initial uplink signal transmitted from India had spread and strengthened across space like some kind of cosmic cancer.

The transmission of terror rained down on the four space stations and more than a thousand operational satellites orbiting below. This was where all the research had to be right for the communication to be recognized and accepted as an authorized user. Once into the computers, the attack of orbital jamming and interference began.

A webbed network, intertwined within the spheres around Earth, had been achieved...

Read on CNN: https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/23/tech/spacex-starlink-internet-satellites/index.html

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