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Senate passed Trump's Space Force: The War For The Spheres has begun

With the President, Senators, and others throwing around statements like "...space as a war-fighting domain..." or similar statements, it's easy to see where this is going.

And it's not to the Moon or Mars.

Hearing "defense," "security," and "safety," remember my words: CONTROLLING THE SPHERES IS THE NEW SPACE RACE.

Baldy, a character in War For The Spheres said: “You fail to understand our daily lives reach the spheres. Satellites, Bakley. Communication. Reconnaissance. Navigation. Remote Sensing. Space Exploration. There’s some on the ground, but everything’s up there where you two have been. The war for the spheres began a long time ago and is one of the longest-running wars in human history. Yet, like the rest, it’s generally ignored until someone thinks of it. Because of its ongoing nature, most stop seeing it as a war and as just the environment we live in. Don’t be fooled. It is a war. Perhaps, the most important in human history. The spheres are the middle ground between Earth and the rest of the solar system into interstellar space. Whoever controls the airspace around our planet will certainly conquer Earth and, in time, the solar system. Not knowing what other life is out there if any, I’m guessing one-day interstellar space.”

WAR FOR THE SPHERES: https://www.wgtuttle.com/war-for-the-spheres

Read at TheHill: https://thehill.com/policy/defense/445246-senate-panel-advances-trumps-space-force

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