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One more word today

One more word today on flooding the spheres with satellites, the U.S. Space Force on the move, and my opinion that the new space race doesn't reach beyond the spheres for some time to come.

Now, it's not my word, but Kip's, a main character in War For The Spheres, who said,

“When I say force—I mean force. War force. With technology and troops and ships and the whole nine. Whoever controls the spheres around our planet will conquer Earth. Guaranteed. And in time, they’ll control the solar system and into interstellar space. Why? Because they’ll be the gatekeepers, in or out. Orbital tracks will be rented out like parcels of land for satellites and things and they’ll charge outrageous amounts to do so. If they were smart, they should charge so much that it would break a country financially and ultimately just break the country. That’s what I would do. I wouldn’t go selling any of it either. Either they pay, or go back to the Stone Age.

“Cost! It’s the one true thing in the universe that dictates people’s lives, holistically or individually. Whoever gets there now, in today’s dollars, and gets a stronghold, will be difficult to dethrone later. But what keeps me up at night is whoever gets there first, or gets there and stays there, can weaponize anything up there. We’re talking weapons of mass destruction orbiting around up there. All of a sudden, range isn’t an issue. There are issues of reentry of all the usual space travel stuff, but if they’re smart enough to gain control, they’ll be smart enough to figure it out. Maybe heatshields at first, then who knows?” Kips’ thumb and middle finger rubbed his temples. “I need a drink.”


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