• Author W. G. TUTTLE

New horror novel October Midnight released

Just in time for Halloween, horror fans! Get a copy and get your scare on. BOO!

And don't forget to leave those ratings and reviews.

Halloween night, Eugene and Beatrice Giggins left a Halloween Party early and picked up their two six-year-old children, Kayne and Kaleigh, from a friend’s house. While driving home, it started raining pumpkins and apples. Taking a corner too fast, Hugh slammed on the brakes and the car buckled to a skidded-stop on two wheels before the car dropped to the road. The momentum caused a nightmare in the back seat—for the kids were never buckled in. In haste, Eugene and his friend Daryl cryonicized the kids at the cryogenics facility where they worked.

The kids were critically injured and unconscious—but weren’t dead.

Rebooting their lives, Eugene and Bea assumed new names: Hugh and Nora Thummel. And, as was accustomed, they placed an ad in the newspaper, needing a sitter to watch the children Halloween night.

A high-school student, Abbie Syfert, age seventeen, called the number in the ad—and took the job.

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