• wgtuttle

Lots to be concerned about with the Sixers

Well, the Sixers got their season-ending ticket punched.

They have gradually regressed since Harden’s explosive arrival. Doc Rivers, Embiid, Harden, and Harris should be back, maintaining the team’s nucleus. I would have included Maxey, but his play degenerated along with Harden’s through the playoffs.

Maybe a summer together will improve things.

Then again, maybe not. The Sixers need to address a plethora of things for this team to progress deeper into the playoffs.

No question, the bench needs to improve. Specifically, not having so many one-dimensional players who shoot threes and don’t do much else. The Sixers have at least five players that fall into this category—and that is too many.

The Sixers need a tough player (or two) who will show up every game and do the unheralded work of rebounding, defending, and getting loose balls. Someone like a Draymond Green, Dennis Rodman, or Charles Oakley. Someone they don’t have to pay a lot for and who can invoke the Sixers to become more aggressive. Which should fix some of the Sixers’ shortcomings. Such as being outhustled. Outrebounded on the defensive glass, which has led to a bunch of second-chance points for opposing teams. Improved offensive rebounding so the Sixers can have more opportunities on offense, instead of being one-and-done.

Last but not least, the Sixers need to stop turning the ball over and have more movement offensively. How about some screens, cuts, and savvy passing to get the defense out of position for easier baskets.

I know, this is a lot. Too much for a team claiming that they are eyeing a championship.