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And don't forget about War For The Spheres - a Science Fiction novel

A trip to Manhattan. A man's arm axed off to get the briefcase handcuffed to it. The axman then disintegrates by a laser of an orange assailant. A bizarre explosion launches the briefcase through Hayden's passenger window. The orange assailant pursues Hayden for the briefcase. Through a screen implanted in the forearm still handcuffed to the briefcase, a bald man tells Hayden to drive. Hayden does. His life will never be the same. American Astronaut, Hayden Bakley, was an experienced space explorer. As many times as he had been into space, even he didn't know a quiet, yet, potentially life-altering war for the spheres was taking place all over the world. Daily our lives reach the spheres without our feet ever leaving Earth. Our dependence on satellites has alarmingly increased. What if every orbiter encircling the globe, including space stations, was suddenly taken over? Complete command and control by one country? One group? One individual? The Outer Space Treaty provided a framework for preventing such seizure. But what if those principles were now thought of as being outdated? That the spheres around Earth were no different from Earth's land, there to be conquered and controlled. Hayden was drafted into the war for the spheres through no doing of his own, other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now it's up to him and an under-the-radar NASA group to stop such a monopoly of control from being achieved. For whoever controls the spheres, controls Earth below and space beyond.

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