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Mastery of Price Action of Equities, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.


Price Action independently communicates accurately when:

                      - not to trade                      

                      - a reversal of a trend is occurring

                      - to enter a trade or investment

                      - to remain in a trade or investment

                      - to exit a trade or investment


Confirming Price Action by understanding the following is advantageous, but not necessary.

                      - Price Paradigms

                      - Inverse/Bilateral Price Constructs

                      - Trading Range

                      - Volatility

                      - Linear Regression

                      - Rolling Mean

                      - Standard Deviation

                      - Time Deviation


Shape-shifting price bars cause paralysis, especially in volatile or ranging markets. After eighteen months of observation and bar-by-bar dissection of equities on multiple timeframes, Price Movement Constructs among the chaos occurred repeatedly. No matter the industry, index, sub-index, individual stock, leveraged or unleveraged, the evidence of these Price Paradigms confirmed their universal existence.

These Price Paradigms hide within the price movement chaos. They are a model rather than a pattern, which most price action traders use. How price builds the paradigm model is unimportant. Recognizing the model during construction to its completion is.

Walt's twenty years of financial experience spanned numerous industries, such as banking, corporate trust, brokerage, a state agency, health care, and water and wastewater utility, working for three New York Stock Exchange-listed companies: 

Morgan Stanley NYSE: MS 
M&T Bank Corporation NYSE: MTB
American Water Works Company Inc NYSE: AWK